Scandinavian Alliance Group_four
Tomas Lidman, Vigdis Moe Skarstein, Gunnar Sahlin and Jens Thorhauge.

Experience is our competence

We, the Scandinavian Alliance Group, are four former CEOs from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Each of us has long and vast experience from the cultural and knowledge sector. Together – our experience is even stronger.

We are at your disposition if you need advice, support or inspiration for personal development or to transform or build institutions, services or organizations.

You may make use of us individually, as a group or in any combination, you might find appropriate.

Our business model is based on the idea that the Scandinavian model and experience have much to offer. In the welfare State as an optimal situation cultural and knowledge institutions play a crucial role.

We all have experience developing and transforming big cultural and knowledge institutions—as directors for national institutions, board members and authors of official reports. We are familiar with policy making and strategic work, and have all been deeply engaged in developing and transforming organizations in the digital age.

Our experience spans universities, cultural institutions, media sector, archives, libraries and government administration bodies.

Our fields of competence and experience:

  • Leadership – individual coaching and management teams
  • Leadership – organizations in transformation
  • Independent advisory consulting
  • Strategy and policy building
  • Strategy for digitization
  • Facilitating seminars and conferences
  • Lectures
  • Government reports
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Boards – national and international, public and private sector