Vigidis Moe Skarstein2
-The combination of having visions and attention to details is important, along with strategic thinking and the involvement of all employees, says Vigdis Moe Skarstein, former Director of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Director of the Norwegian National Library.    Foto:  Evy Andersen

Throughout a long professional life where I have been responsible both for professional development and leadership in large organizations, I have learned a lot from listening to others’ experiences. Now I would like to share my experience with others who might want it. I have been the leader in relatively large organizations in the knowledge and culture since 1987 when I was head of Trondheim Public Library and South Trøndelag County. Since then I have been director of Church and Culture Department in the Municipality of Trondheim and the University Director of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, until the last ten years until 2014 when I was the director of the Norwegian National Library. In all these positions I have been responsible for major restructuring processes and the development of new services while I have had great personnel responsibility. In such processes, the combination of having visions and attention to detail is important, along with strategic thinking and the involvement of all employees. During my time at the National Library we developed digital services that are at the forefront internationally, while we have developed an awareness of knowledge development and professional alertness that is necessary in both the digital and analogue world.  Below you find links to some of the articles. As is evident from my CV, I have also served and serve on various boards of both public and private institutions, including two terms as the chair of the Norwegian Cultural Council. Several assignments have been in sectors other than knowledge and culture, such as the board of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, the building committee for the University Hospital in Trondheim and the Foreign Minister’s Reputation Committee. I have also been responsible for and participated in several governmental reports that span diverse fields, such as the investigation of the specialist health services and the “Konvergens-utvalget”(Convergence Committee), which investigated the merging of telecommunications, data- and media sectors. As Deputy of the Commission on Freedom of Expression, I co-authored a report about possible amendments to the constitutional paragraph on freedom of expression. On several occasions I have also investigated and reported on different aspects of the media. The report NOU 1991: Diversity in media is but one example.

My most recent report, delivered to the Minister of Culture in Norway in January 2015, is an Investigation on the Economy of Artists:

As a literary critic, I have written articles and book reviews, and I have held a number of lectures. A selection of these can be accessed through this website.

For more detailed information about my experience, please see my CV.

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